Jan 27

First off you need to figure out which hint file is being used.

Open your named.conf file and look for something like this. My named.conf file was located in /etc/namedb/ directory.

zone “.” { type hint; file “root.cache”;};

This is the entry we are looking for. So in this case you hints file is called root.cache. It can be called whatever you want it to be. Sometimes its called db.cache. Doesnt really matter as long as you reference it properly.

So no that we know what its called we need to go get it. This will retrieve a new hints file, and it will be called db.cache.

new_ns1#fetch ftp://ftp.rs.internic.net/domain/db.cache

After getting that file we need to rename it.

new_ns1#mv db.cache root.cache

Now just restart your name server, and you are done. Of course check your /var/log/messages file, to make it started properly.

new_ns1#/etc/rc.d/named restart

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