Jul 28

Many people have DSL service nowadays. Its quite common to want to protect your home network. In order to do this you need a router, or sometime called firewall, device connected to you dsl line. In addition if you have more than one computer at home, this device will allow you to connect multiple computer to your DSL line. And lastly, you can also have wireless service if you buy a wireless router firewall device. These devices are purchased at home computer stores like Fry’s electronics or Best Buy.

Ill show you a basic diagram below.

Normally Looks like this:

Wall jack —> DSL Modem —-> Home computer

With firewall wireless setup looks like this:

Wall jack —> DSL Modem —-> Router Firewall —–> Home computers

The setup of the router is pretty simple. Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to connect to the new device. In most cases you will select “dynamic IP address” for the Outside or WAN connection. The rest of the settings are mostly default settings. Inside addresses are usually 192.168.1.x. And thats all there is to it.

Customers of HyperSurf Internet are always welcome to ask questions in regards to firewall setup.

Jul 20

This explains how to setup Spam filtering for thunderbird. Hypersurf Internet “tags” all email that come in with a spam score. This spam score can then be used to filter unwanted emails that are most likely spam.

Here is what you do. Open up thunderbird, and go to Tools/Message filters.

New Message Filter Screen;

Now a new screen should come up that looks like this. Click the “New” button.

New Filter;

Once there,  click “Customize”. A box should open up like this.

Create Spam Filter;

A box should open up, like the one below. Then type  “X-Spam-Score” in the New message header  box; click the Add button and then OK.

Custom Filter;

Now in the left drop down, look for “X-Spam_Score”, that you just created.

Custom Filter 1;

The middle dropdown should say contains.

The right drop down should say “*****”

The number of stars you give determines how aggressive the filter is.

2 aggressive, may catch alot of  spam, and maybe some real messages.

5 is middle of the road, catch most spam.

10 means may not catch much, probably wont catch real messages

Then tell it what to do if it finds spam. I tell it to move to a folder. That way I can review later, if I choose.

Once that is done click ok, and your filter should start catching spam.