Jul 20

This explains how to setup Spam filtering for thunderbird. Hypersurf Internet “tags” all email that come in with a spam score. This spam score can then be used to filter unwanted emails that are most likely spam.

Here is what you do. Open up thunderbird, and go to Tools/Message filters.

New Message Filter Screen;

Now a new screen should come up that looks like this. Click the “New” button.

New Filter;

Once there,  click “Customize”. A box should open up like this.

Create Spam Filter;

A box should open up, like the one below. Then type  “X-Spam-Score” in the New message header  box; click the Add button and then OK.

Custom Filter;

Now in the left drop down, look for “X-Spam_Score”, that you just created.

Custom Filter 1;

The middle dropdown should say contains.

The right drop down should say “*****”

The number of stars you give determines how aggressive the filter is.

2 aggressive, may catch alot of  spam, and maybe some real messages.

5 is middle of the road, catch most spam.

10 means may not catch much, probably wont catch real messages

Then tell it what to do if it finds spam. I tell it to move to a folder. That way I can review later, if I choose.

Once that is done click ok, and your filter should start catching spam.