Sep 06

Companies are finding that their current bandwidth requirements are increasing. This means that your current T1 or dual T1 connections to the Internet are getting overloaded. Luckily there is a new technology that can help. Its called Metro Ethernet.
Metro Ethernet is a fiber connection that is dropped at your business. It can be a fiber connection or a regular cat 5 Ethernet connection depending on how its ordered. The great part is that it can be upgraded to higher speeds without having to get a new connection. The old T1 technology usually required some equipment change.

In addition to providing Metro Ethernet Hypersurf Internet Services, Inc can provide Firewall and VOIP services for your company.

Jul 28

Many people have DSL service nowadays. Its quite common to want to protect your home network. In order to do this you need a router, or sometime called firewall, device connected to you dsl line. In addition if you have more than one computer at home, this device will allow you to connect multiple computer to your DSL line. And lastly, you can also have wireless service if you buy a wireless router firewall device. These devices are purchased at home computer stores like Fry’s electronics or Best Buy.

Ill show you a basic diagram below.

Normally Looks like this:

Wall jack —> DSL Modem —-> Home computer

With firewall wireless setup looks like this:

Wall jack —> DSL Modem —-> Router Firewall —–> Home computers

The setup of the router is pretty simple. Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to connect to the new device. In most cases you will select “dynamic IP address” for the Outside or WAN connection. The rest of the settings are mostly default settings. Inside addresses are usually 192.168.1.x. And thats all there is to it.

Customers of HyperSurf Internet are always welcome to ask questions in regards to firewall setup.