Mentoring A Newbie - A Floor To Ceiling Linen Cabinet

Paula, a DIYer friend,. wanted to make a floor to ceiling linen cabinet to replace an IKEA type laminated particle board piece she had. She'd done 2x4 stick framing, basic wiring and plumbing, dry walling, layed tile and has, with just a skill saw, a bench top table saw she'd picked up at a garage sale for $50, construction adhesive and some construction grade plywood, built a corner bathroom vanity - with doors. Oh, and she has a Dewalt miter saw..

That's where we started in terms of skill level and tools.

How Tall, How Wide, How Deep - and The Diagonal Thing

Filling In Some Details & Some Options For Panels

Grooving On A Sunday Afternoon - Using A Table Saw - And Playing DOMINOs
(After ripping to width and cutting to length - front and one side's rails and stiles)

Keeping Track Of What Goes Where - and dry fitting front and sides - sans doors and panels
(The Triangle Parts Marking System)

Working Out The Doors, Hinge Overlays & Measuring - Without A Tape - or ruler

Wider Stiles, Narrower Panels or Narrower Stiles and Wider Panels?

Stopped Grooves - With a Table Saw?

Doors Gap? Nope. (measure from what you've got, not what you THINK you've got)

Stops and Business Cards (Tuning a Fit Using Business Card Spacers)

More DOMINOing (cutting 40 mortises for the doors' loose tenon joinery)

Weekend # 3 Accomplishments

The BIG Bit (Fun & Games with the 3 1/2" diameter panel raising bit)

A Good Day To Die ( Make That DYE - lots and lots and lots of TransTint dye )

more to come

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