Here's all the Robland stuff on this site

The X-31 Five Functions Combi

Trip to the Robland factory in Brugge, Belgium (watch'em set up six X31s)

The Yahoo Robland X-31 Draft Set Up Instructions (What should have been in the Owner's Manual)

You've unpacked everything. What are all these loose parts?

The "special" Saw Arbor "Nut" & "Wrench

The Robland Rail Jigs (The Holy Grail to Robland X31 owners)

The "Modified" Rail Jigs (They make the sliding table set up SO MUCH EASIER)

X31 Fences (short rip, long rip/joiner combined, Knapp type, . . .)

X31 Combined Rip & Joiner Fence

X31 Incarnations
(Green or Gray, One Rail or Two, 3 types of jointer fence, three types of rip fences, reversable joiner/planer/mortiser motor?)

THE ROBLAND MANUAL (parts diagrams, wiring schematics, electrical parts, specs etc. -1.8 Mb PDF file)

Planer Exploded View Parts Diagram

Take It Partially Apart To Get Through Doors

A Cart for that Heavy Mortising Table (and a place for all the X31 stuff that isn't normally on the unit)

Want Precision Saw Blade Height Adjustment? ( Brian Lamb's ingenious bolt on solution)

Micro Rip Fence Adjuster Ideas

Drawings of the Saw Blade Height Adjuster (Brians's downloadable DXF files)

Wiring Diagrams

Want to make your own zero clearance saw throat plate?

A great jig that will add capabilities to your mortising table.

Gerald Masgi's "Making A Four Panel Door - With Loose Tenons"
(Well illustrated and described use of all five functions of the X-31. A Must See site)

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