Ray McInnis's Slick Mortising Table Jig

Ray McInnis, of the Yahoo Robland X31 group, came up with this great enhancement to the X31's mortising table. It overcomes several of the shortcomings of the small mortising table on combination machines. They all have the same shortcomings - Rojek, Robland, MiniMax, Hammer and Felder - all have small mortising tables and a single hold down. What follows is Ray's solution, plus his great micro-adjustable-tilt add on fence.

Here's an exploded view of the basic jigs, along with a parts list and Lee Valley part numbers and prices though others carry what you'll need to make one of these gems. All the nuts, bolts, screws and knobs are 1/4-20 size and are designed to work together with the T-tracks. for your convenience, you can download this image and print it off line

You've got the overview of this thing so let's get to some photos (click here ---->)

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