The Robland X31 Combination Machine can be a nightmare to set up - if you don't know what you're doing. There are many critical inter-relationships between the major parts of the X31 so the order of set ups is critical. Even if you've successfully set up/tuned other stand alone machines

The Robland X31 is a little trickier to set up than setting up equivalent stand alone machines, made even trickier by the lack of a real "manual". Several members of the Yahoo Robland X31 group helped put together a set of draft set up instructions and I put that information into GIF image files on the following web pages. There are 17 web pages of set up instructions and folks who download the image files to print off line may find they forgot a page. Slogging through 8 or 10 pages to get to the one you missed can be frustrating so here's a Table of Content that I hope make things easier.

If this is your first time through these instructions I strongly recomend you start at the beginning and go through the instructions in order. Because of the inter-relationship of various parts of the X31, just jumping in anywhere and making adjustments can lead to a lot of grief - trust me on this one ; ).

Robland X31 Draft Set Up Instructions Table of Content

Getting the X31 off the pallet

0. Loose Parts - with Labels

1._ Robland X31 Set up Overview (to page 1A)

2. _Set Up Tools and Equiptment (to page 1B)

3._ Start With the Jointer Tables (to pages 3 & 4 - page 2 having been replaced earlier by page 1B)

4. _Setting the Jointer Knives (to page 5 - use 6)

5. _ Setting the Saw/Shaper Table to the Jointer Outfeed Table (page 7)

6. _ Setting Up the Saw Blade - Overview and Tools (page 8)

6a. More about setting up the saw (When the "pillow blocks" won't do it)

7. _ Setting the 45 & 90 Degree Stops & Paralleling the Blade to the Miter Slot (pages 9 & 10)

8. _Setting Up the Sliding Table - Start with the Rails (11,12,13 & 14 - 14 intentionally blank)

9. _Using the Sliding Table Eccentric Bearings for Coplanarity (?) (pages 15 & 16)

10. Setting the Sliding Table's Tracking to Parallel the Miter Slot (pag 17)

10a. Setting up the Mortising Table (MortiserSetUp1)

11. Planer Pinch Rollers Drive

12. Saw Arbor/Drive Belts&Pulleys/BladeTilt

13. Shaper Fence Adjustment

14. Trick for Setting Up The Joiner Outfeed Table Using Bessy Clamps

15. Adjusting the Saw's Belt Tension

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