The Fine Height Adjuster for the table saw blade was Brian Lamb's great idea. I contributed the Speed Nut to the concept to allow for quick "get close" blade height setting and then the fine height adjusting to the desired height setting. If you do rabbets/rebates, dadoes or tenons this fine height adjuster is worth its weight in gold, OK maybe not gold, but definitely silver.

Near the bottom of this page there's a link to drawings of the parts in .dxf format that you can download if you're interested in either making this gem yourself or want to have a machine shop make you one ( if they do it figure on shelling out some dough. If you're not a machinist and don't have a machine shop handy figure on spending 10 to 20 hours making the parts with what you do have) And each time you use this device remember to either say out loud, or at least think 'THANK YOU BRIAN". - he created the .dxf files and shared them.

Height Adjuster Installation

The Height Adjuster installation requires drilling and tapping only one hole in the X31, pressing one brass bushing into the Mounting Bracket (easily done with a drill press) and extending the thread on the Tilt Shaft by about an inch oto accomodate a Nylon Centered Lock Nut.

You will need the following tools

NOTE: I had to grind off some of the head of the allen head bolt for the bottom hole and a bit off the face of my X31 to get the lower allen head bolt to fit.

If the Tap starts to squeek STOP! Back it off to clear the metal chips, add some oil and tap some more. IF YOU DON'T YOU MAY SNAP THE TAP - and they're a PITA to remove when they snap off in the hole. Word to the wise.

Installation Step 10

Tighten the nylon centered Lock Nut (shown in Step 6) up to the handle of the Lever Assembly

That's it. You're done!

(Unforrtunately, Tim, who had a batch of these things made and sold them to members has moved to Canada and is no longer selling them. HOWEVER - there's a Yahoo Robland X-31 group with about 400 members. On occassion, a member may, as a service to the group and not for profit, volunteer to arrange to have things made for the X31 - if there's sufficient interest. Head over to the group and join up. It's free and a great resource for X31 owners

If YOU want to have a go at making one or want to have a machinist make one for you CLICK HERE to get to Brian Lamb's drawings in .dxf format.

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