The Pointy Stick Compendium Project

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Table of Content

- Introduction

- A brief history of The Pointy Stick

- The Pointy Stick FAQ

rec.woodworking contributions

Where can I find plans for a [ _______ ] Pointy Stick ?

point on the top
point on the bottom
point on the left end
point on the right end
right handed
left handed

What's the best way to make Pointy Sticks? (I only have $9,000 budgeted for tools)

Anyone have plans for a jig to make Pointy Sticks that’s

“high precision”?

Where can I buy a jig to make Pointy Sticks

that’s cheap?
that’s easy to use?
that is mirco adjustable?

What makes a good Pointy Stick good?

how long should the point be?
can The Golden Mean be applied to Pointy Stick design?
should I put a micro point on my Pointy Stick?
are Japanese laminated point Pointy Sticks worth the extra money?

What wood should I use for my Pointy Stick?

hard hardwood?
soft hardwood?
hard softwood?
soft softwood?
what about laminated Pointy Sticks?

Is Grain Orientation important for Pointy Sticks and, if so,
how should the grain be oriented relative to the long axis
of the Pointy Stick?

Is fire hardening the tip worth it?
Is it really necessary to polish the tip of my Pointy Stick
or can I stop at 6000 grit?

What's the absolute best way to sharpen the point of my Pointy Stick?

Should I put a finish on my Pointy Stick and, if so,
what is the best finish to use?

My Pointy Stick split. Any way to repair it or should I just
start all over?

I picked up a Pointy Stick at a garage sale/ was given my
great great great grandfather’s / grandmother’s Pointy Stick/
dug up an old Pointy Stick while digging a new outhouse
hole / dug up an old Pointy Stick while searching for bottles
in an OLD outhouse hole:

where can I find a manual for it?
how do I get the dirt/paint/motor oil/blood/? off / out of it?
anyone know how to tell the age of a Pointy Stick?
is there anyway to find out who made it?

(I'm researching this one and it'll be a while)

Where do you get ideas for your Pointy Sticks

Who, in your opinion, was, or is, the best Pointy Stick Maker

Opinions of Gary Knox Bennett’s Pointy Sticks

Has James Krenov ever made a Pointy Stick

Are George Nakashima’s Pointy Sticks actually functional
or just nice to look at in a Zen sort of way?

Pointy Sticks "In The Style Of ..."

Unusual Pointy Sticks

Contributed Pointy Stick Designs

Please feel free to add to this list. e-mail me your contribution(s).

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