OK - here's a tip that will save you ALL KINDS OF GRIEF.

Unless you're EXTREMELY careful with where you put your glue - and how much glue you put there - you're going to get some Glue Squeeze Out. And it WILL raise all kinds of hell later when you apply a finish.

Despite what Norm does - DO NOT wipe off that squeezed out glue with a damp rag. THAT will merely spread it out - AND get it farther into the wood.

You CAN wait 'til the glue skins but hasn't fully set yet to remove it with a sharp chisel or safety razor blade - but you risk dinging the wood and that's a PITA.


You can do something to prevent the squeezed out glue from getting to the wood around the glued joint. No - not a lot of careful masking with tape - that's also a PITA.

THE ANSWER? - WAX! Glue won't stick to wax! DUH!

But not just ANY wax. You want a wax in a form that's easy to apply in a controlled way AND easy to remove later. When it's Finishing Time you don't want ANYTHING between the wood and the finish.

What wax?

Waxilit [R]!

Michael Fortune, a VERY talented furniture designer and maker from Canada shared this little secret in one of his FREE classes at a woodworking show. He was doing a bunch of windsor type chairs and was spending more time cleaning up glue squeeze out than actually making the chairs. He found that applying a little Waxilit [R] around his joints, using a Que-Tip made glue squeeze out clean up a breeze - it just pops right off. When the glue is gone you clean off the Waxalit [R] with alcohol or lacquer thinner on a Que-Tip. TAH-DAH! - problem solved!

If you Google "waxilit" you'll find that it was developed for the wood processing industry - it makes wood slide over cast iron tables etc. and protects the cast iron. Because it was originally for industrial use, it comes in 20 and 55 gallon cans / drums - just a bit more than you'll use in a hundred lifetimes. Thankfully, Lee Valley carries it in a more appropriate size - a 7 oz can - which is still more than you're likely to ever use. For $12.50 US this stuff is worth its weight in gold. It's Lee Valley Item No. 56Z99.61


Now face towards Ontario, Canada and yell "Thank you Mr. Fortune!" Repeat this process each time his little tip saves you hours of tedium - or a blown finish.

Or - send him a Thank You Note

Micheal C. Fortune
1632 English Line R2
Lakefield, Ontario
Canada K0L2H0

And you might want to check out his website. He's an amazing woodworker, a great teacher and a very nice man who has contributed significantly to woodworking.


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