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Second you get a 3 hp TEFC motor for the 3/4 and 1 1/4 inch step shafted shaper that'll spin up to a seven inch diameter shaper head, a "hold down", "hold in" and an infeed and outfeed fence attached to a cast iron safety cover with a dust collector port. It shares the saw table and the sliding table. The shaper rotation can be reversed via the Master Selector Switch.

Shaper Spindle with Shaper Head (the black thing on the spindle)

Here's the shaper without the safety equipment. Note the knives in foreground

And here's the shaper with the safety gear

I'm looking into a power feeder which will make using the shaper even safer to use - AND it can be used with the saw too.

Third, you get a 3 knives, 12 inch jointer which shares a 3 hp TEFC motor with the planer and mortiser. With a 27 inch heavy cast iron infeed and outfeed table it's more than adequate for anything I need to join.

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