How Robland sets up the X31

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Six French models of the X31 being set up.

Setting up a combination machine is similar to setting up separate dedicated machines - EXCEPT - on the X31 there are some key inter-relationships with which one must deal. Specifcally

1. The jointer out feed table must be set to the jointer/planer cutter head - THE REFERENCE FOR THE X31

2. The jointer infeed and outfeed tables must be made coplanar

3. The Saw/Shaper table must be co-planer with the Jointer's outfeed table

4. The Saw Blade must a) be set square to the Saw and b) must be set to parallel the miter/mitre slot

5. The Sliding Table must a) be set to be co-planer with the Saw Table, b) be set to travel parallel to the miter/ mitre slot WHILE REMAINING CO-PLANER WITH THE SAW TABLE

For these reasons, the order of adjustment/ set up is important. If you try setting the X31 up without understanding the inter-relationship of things you'll be in deep Doo-Doo real quick - DAMHIT (Don't Ask Me How I Know).

So on the following pages you'll see how Robland does it. On to the Set Up pages - there's a lot of images so please be patient when loading. Click here to begin seeing Robland set up an X31


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