The previous page had all the What's Where. Now let's get to the DOs and DON'Ts when aligning the saw blade to parallel the miter slot in the saw table top.

I'm certain I'm THE ONLY ONE to make the dumb mistake of loosening BOTH Pillow Block Bolts AND the Arbor Tilt Lock - but I'll go over one way to recover from this blunder (and it took me a while to a) figure out what my screw up had done and b) realize that I could reverse the jaws on one of my BESSY clamps and thus use it as a jack.

So here's MY solution.

First, disconnect the dust collector hose from the bottom of the arbor shroud assembly and get it the hell out of the way.

Reverse the jaws on a BESSY clamp and thread it through the saw throat opening in the saw table top - and the motor wires down below.

Place a scrap piece of wood between the bottom of the dust port and the top of the moveable clamp jaw.

Raise the moveable clamp jaw up to the scrap piece of wood and snug it up - MAKING SURE IT'LL STAY THERE.

Loosen the Arbor Tilt Lock and BOTH Pillow Block Bolts.

Raise the clamp's moveable jaw - if you can. If the whole Shroud Assembly has slipped down as a result of the previous OOPS - this will get it back up where it belongs.

NOW you can CAREFULLY and GENTLY move the whole Shroud Assembly around to utlize it's entire adjustment range.

Using the TS-Aligner - or an adjustable square - in the miter slot, move the Shroud Assembly as neeed to get the saw blade parallel to the miter slot, snug the Pillow Block Bolts down and check for parallel again, Adjust as necessary and then lock the Arbor Tilt down snug. Check for parallel again, tweek if necessary then tighten the Pillow Block Bolts.

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