Project: Wall Hanging Tool Cabinet -Start to Finish

This is probably a fools errand but here goes ...

No matter how large the shop, there's always a shortage of wall space on which to store stuff where it will be findable and accessible. A wall hung tool cabinet can effectively double the wall space it occupies AND it can keep dust off tools stored inside.

Here's the beginnings of a "Start to Finish" description of the process I went through to eventually end up with two wall hanging tool cabinets shown elsewhere. I've prepared this document to help me avoid some of the potential mistakes when making similar cabinets. What follows may also provide other newbies insights into one approach to things - from concept to finished piece with notes on initial considerations and issues which came up along the way.

If I state the obvious it's because it wasn't "obvious" to me at first. I hope this will be of use to others



Door Panels Wood - 1/2" final thickness

I examined my stock to begin deciding which parts will be which pieces. I turned them around and turned them over deciding on the "best face". I wanted them work together visually. For this cabinet, I want the door panels to go from darker on the sides to lighter towards the middle of the cabinet face and darker at the bottom to lighter at the top of the cabinet face. The inside face would be less important since I knew I'd be filling the inside of the doors with tools.