Wall Hanging Tool Cabinet - Marking the Stock

Newbies - pay attention - the following can save you a lot of grief!

After you've decided which board will go where and how it will relate to adjacent boards


Even simple projects involve multiple parts, often sets of parts with equal dimensions - initially. If you're working with MDF or you're going to paint the piece then which face is the "outside" face and which edge is the "front" edge isn't important. BUT, if the wood's grain pattern is an important part of the designs, you must understand that subsequent processing will often make each part unique and the differences can be subtle but critical.

The TRIANGLE MARKING SYSTEM has been around for a long, long time so it works pretty well.

he Triangle Marking System is so simple and so obvious it will become second nature to you very quickly. The top of the triangle identifies which way is "up". The bottom of the triangle has TWO PARALLEL LINES so it's quickly recognized. When the components get mixed up you can always reassemble them.