Three Intersecting Arcs Multi-Axis Christmas Ornaments

Having done some three sided lidded boxes already, and it being December, it's no surprise that turned Christmas Ornaments were on the project list - and three sided at that. A Christmas Ornament is a great turning project. You get to work on shape and form. You get to do some hollowing, but on a small scale. The process is about the same - big or small - so why not learn on a small project? And you get to do some spindle turning - as simple or as complicated as you want to go. Add multi-axis turning to the mix just makes things more interesting.

Since turning the 3 intersecting arcs ornamanet body takes a bit of time - turn, change centers, turn, change centers, turn. change centers - it makes sense to turn a long blank for four or five at ornaments at a time. (here's how to see how Cindy Drozda lays out the centers for the three arcs). It's also important to work out how the body will be hollowed - and therefore how it will be held. The idea is to make an ornament body with a tenon for holding it in a scroll chuck for drilling and hollowing.

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