And Now For Something Completey Different

It started innocently enough. I'd finally finished Das Bench, needed some round bench dogs and some store bought dowels just didn't go with Das Bench. Since I had a wood threading set I figured I should do some wooden screws as well. I had a little UniMat metal lathe so is turned some dogs in rosewood and padouk. Relatively speaking, this turning thing was almost instant gratification - the crack cocaine of woodworking - and drains bank accounts just as fast. Start between centers then get a chuck - more sets of jaws, more turning tools, ...

how about magic wands? ---->

more magic wands ------>

Using a skew chisel -what I've learned so far--->

More Skewing Around ---->

The Paradox Series ---->

Weed Pots? ---->

Glass Insert Weed Pots ----->

How about some Apricot (and some on LDD? )---->

Melaleuca and Variations on a Shape ---->

Adventure With Black Walnut (or sometimes you get really lucky)

When Form is all you've got to work with ---->

How about a turning tool holder/ case / stand /? ----->

Last Minute Christmas Presents - Hair Sticks ---->

Last Minute Christmas Presents 2 - Spoons ---->

Eccentric? ---->

Leave it to the French - Trembleurs ---->

You Got the Chainsaw - Now What ---->

A Bench for The JET Mini ---->

Lidded Boxes----->

More about The Nice One ------>

Turned Lidded Box - "How To" Instructions and a few examples ----->

Serendipity - An articulated Joint & Applications ---->

Ideas for adding movement to your next piece ----->

Chemo? Crisis = Opportunity - - ->

You never know where an idea will come from (in this case an Indian Fast Food restaraunt)

Turning Ideas - Various Approaches / Schools ----->

Have a Wolverine or True Grind Jig? Fingernail Grinds Inconsistent? ---->

"A" is for Ants & Ahnks

"S" is for Spinarets (seeing how fine I could turn using a skew)

"S" is also for small ... (taking things to the extreme - with a 1/4" bench chisel)

The Cliche Series

A New Twist - Literally (thank you Barbara Dill for your enlightening article)

A Turned THREE Sided Box? (again - thank you Barbara)

How To Get The Biggest 3 Sided Box Out Of A Square Blank

Multi-Axis Human Form

"D" is for Dragon Flies (added 11/08/07)

Three Arcs Box into a Christmas Ornament (with some How To and a slick tenon sizing tool added 12/24/07 )

Chess Set - That Damned Knight (added 1/13/08)

"F" is for Fruit Wood (Plum) Forms that make nice one note Flutes

"Pith In", Cracking and "Common Knowledge" - Dealing with "pith in" green turning

"M" is for Mad Hatter - with turned top hat (3/01/08)

Hollowing and Hollowing Systems - there are more every day

MiniMonster - an owner's review

MiniMonster Hollowing System - a 3rd party's review

When your Muse abandons you - find a kid. Two All Beef Patties ...On A Sesame Seed Bun (added 7/21/08)

Tis The Season (Christmas 08 turnings)

An example of fixing an OOPS! - turning it into a feature - then ART?

BRAINSTORMING. (Some ways to get around }I'm just not very creative")

Lighting - from the INSIDE - of a pierced piece

Change the Scale, Change The Design Perspective - Jewelry Scale Pieces

"I'm just not very creative." - Why - and How To Get Over That Mental Block

HexBug's CRAB micro robots - adding movement to a piece

Curves, Tangents and Foot

Playing with The Jack In The Box Phenomenon

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Constructive criticisms? If so - e-mail me

more to come

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