With another hour of some judicous sanding I reached the Magic 62 Grams. Popped the little Bot under the piece, turned it on, clapped my hands - and nothing happened. No crawling, no scurrying - nothing - zip - nada - zilch - bupkis.


Another couple of hours of sanding, weighing, light checking for the thin areas - and the piece was down to 57.8 grams. Surely NOW it's gonna work.


I had a real urge to hurl something.

That's when it's time to step back, cool off and think about things. When I checked the carrying capacity of the Bot it came out 62 grams. So the Bot could - at one time - move 62 grams. Now, after being tested many times along the way - it can't move 57.8 grams.


Being a person of foresight, I had another unused Bot - with fresh batteries.

Popped it under the bowl, turned it one and . . .

(click here to see 429K ,mp4 format video)

(click here for 400K QuickTime .mov format video)

(sorry about the poor video production value - this was a quick and dirty done with a digital still camera in "video" mode. More to come when I've finished the whole piece - sugar and lid.

And here's the finished (actually I need to do a little more sanding, and decide if it should have an actual finish or not)

And here's the Bot Bowl - with the lid off

Click here to watch the YouTube video of this piece in action

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