The Bot Ginger Jar

These micro-bots are like potato chips - you can't have just one. So I bought another one - another CRAB. And I had a rational reason for getting the second one - another Bot Bowl - actually - a Bot Jar, as in ginger jar.

The CRAB micro-bot has two sensors on it - one that detects the presence or abscence of light and a motion /sound sensor - each activating or deactivating the leg movement mode. This piece is going to utilize the light/no light sensor feature.

So here's the idea for the second Bot piece - fine piano wire glued to the Bot's legs, feathers, pearls, crystal beads - or maybe - small shark teeth. Remove the lid of the ginger jar and you're unexpetedly presented with things waving about in the opening of the jar. It'll be a fraction of a second to a second or so before you can sort out and identify what you're seeing. It's that moment of time when you don't know, but are merely taking in the visual data for, what you're seeing - the SURPRISE thing - I'm interested in.

Here's the basic idea

And here are the parts and candidate parts. to glue to the waving "arms/tenacles" of the bot. The dove feathers are the remains of a dove a neighbor's cat apparently dined on - on my deck. The half drilled pearsl, full drilled mother of pearl beads, the faceted glass beads and the shark teeth I bought at a local lapidary and jewelry shop. The fine spring wire is from a hobby shop and the Bot is from Radio Shack - thought available from the source,

Though the Bot doesn't look like it'll fit through the hole in the bottom of the "jar" - it will - honest..

Here's one of the "challenges" of this idea - conflicts at the ends of the extended legs.

Well, this one got done - without any of the original ideas of things for the extended legs to wave around in the mouth of the jar.

Want to see a video of the almost completed Bot Ginger Jar? Then CLICK HERE to see the YouTube video. No sound - yet - but I'm working on that one.

It's a good thing I did the video when I did. Just before leaving for a turning club meeting, where I was going to show off the latest Bot piece I decided to super glue the waving around in the air parts to the extended legs. BIG MISTAKE! Got a drop of super glue on the main drive shaft and drive arm. It's not a good idea to glue together parts that are supposed to move. DUMB. REALLY REALLY REALLY - D U M B ! ! ! !

I've heard there is a Super Glue Releaser. Probably will also melt plastic though. Will see.

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