Affordable Video System for Turning Demonstrations
Intro & Table of Content

You may have seen or read about this Audio / Video System the AAW used at the 2012 San Jose Symposium. If you haven't, here it is - a very slick set up for demonstrations - and something every turning club could use. However, at $750 (plus shipping) just for the frame, our little turning club of about 70 members can't afford the FRAME, let alone the rest of this system's HD video cameras, camera mounts, demonstator's monitor and its special monitor mount. and a large flat screen.

BUT . . . WHAT IF . . . there was a DIY set up - that most turning clubs COULD afford? THAT is what this web article is about.

Design Criteria

How many cameras?

A Support Structure for LIghts, Cameras - ACTION! (actually, make that Demostrator Display/Monitor)

HDMI, HD? Nope -Standard Def is simpler AND CHEAPER

How many camera operators?

Used video cameras are cheap and easy to find -if you know what you're looking for.

Wireless Remotes for zooming- ya gotta have unique remote codes or each camera,

Small monitors - because the Director has to see what each camera is seeing - and the Demonstrator needs to see what the audience is seeing.

SWITCHER - three camera feeds in, one feed out to the audience display (and the Demonstrator's display)

Let there be light - but what kind, how much and where to put them.

Who decides what the audience will see on the audience display?

What about a mic and amplification?