Design Criteria for a Turning Club Video System for Demonstrations
Note: The goal is NOT The Ultimate, Perfect, Unlimited Budget Video System

A turning club with 50 or more members must be able to afford the system so the total system cost can't be over $1000.

The system is primarily designed to ENHANCE Live On Lathe turning demonstrations by providing, when needed, views of turning operations that could not otherwise be seen by a seated audience of 30 or more club members.

The system must be flexible enough to accomodate Live Off Lathe demonstrations of carving, piercing, texturing, pyrographing, staining, dyeing, painting, etc..

The system must have at least two video cameras, one for the overhead shot, the other for the tailstock end view - - AND - a video camera on a dollied tripod for Off Lathe work

For On Lathe demonstrations, the system must be able to be operated by just one person

The system must be made up of locally available or online orderable parts, used if possible, new if inexpensive enough.

The system must be quick and easy to set up & take down, by two people, preferably by just one person, and without the use of any tools.

The system must be compact when not in use.

Every part of the system must have a home when not in use that protects delicate components like the video cameras and flat screen displays, with a place for everything & everything in its place

The system must be able to be stored in a minimum amount of space, be easily transported, be able to fit through a 32" wide door opening, be able to be taken up and down stairs - by one person

The sytem must have a a User's Manual that clearly describes and shows How To Set Up and Operate the system

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