Here's Version 1.0 of the Point On The Left Pointy Stick Plan. Despite the time and expense for the R&D effort that went into developing the Original Pointy Stick Plan (the Point On The Right Pointy Stick Plan) we decided to start with a completely blank piece of paper and develop this plan from scratch. You can imagine the amount of time and money that taking this approach cost. But, when it comes to Pointy Stick Plans, we'll spare no expense and take whatever time it takes to mainatain our quality and commitment to remaining No.1 when it comes to Pointy Stick Plans,

(We're having a liiiittle trouble with out CAD package so hold the drawing up to a mirror and the text and dimensions will be legible. We will be correcting this "challenge" in Version 1.1 and we apologize for the inconvenience. We will notify you when Version 1.1 is available and you'll be eligible for getting the revised plan at an upgrade price, saving you hundreds of pennies.)

For those risk takers - here are the Beta plans for Point On The Top and Point On The Bottom Pointy Sticks

more to come ----->