I'm making a sharpening center for all the sharpening stuff scattered throughout the shop. The hope is that if all that stuff has a home in one place then and clear surface to work on then
a) I'll be able to find what I need without spending half an hour looking for it/them
b) I'll sharpen my tools when they get dinged or dull rather than waiting to have a bunch to do then sharpen.
We'll see.

But in the process of making the sharpening center I decided to try out most of what you need to learn to do face frame kitchen cabinets - with doors and drawers - euro hinges and epoxy coated glides. I've decided that solid wood dovetailed drawers in kitchen cabinets wouldn't be warranted so figured I'd use the drawer lock router bit I picked up at a woodworking show a couple of years back (hey the show price was too good to pass up)

Seven ply baltic birch is recomended for kitchen ply drawer boxes and half inch is more than adequate. Ripped strips for the two drawers I'd need, used a quarter inch roundover bit on the top and bottom edges, sanded to 220 and wiped on four or five coats of garnet shellac.

THEN I went on to setting up the drawer lock router bit. Should've gone to ShopDemos.com and gone through his web pages on the set up - but hey, I'm a guy and we don't read, let alone follow, directions. Four or five sets of tests and I started on cutting the drawer joints for the smaller upper drawer.

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