Here's another one.

Had eight through dadoes and four stopped dadoes to route for ply panels to slip into. Went into production mode and - OOPS - routed a dado on the wrong side of one of the pieces. The screw up would definitely show since it was on one of the front legs of the bench I was building.

I could've tried to inlay a patch using the same wood as the leg but I didn't have any pieces left that were long enough. and, from past experience, Maybe I was pretty sure the patch job would be obvious. Recalling the old axiom "If you screw up and can't hide it - make it a feature!" I found some walnut. A little band sawing, a little drum sanding, and a lot more dado routing and ALL the legs had high contrast walnut strip inlays. Having a router table with a precision fence (JoinTech Cabinet Maker System) made things a lot easier.

It would've been nice to do two strip inlays per leg for symetry but as you can see, the holes for the walnut draw pegs ruled that out. Considered routing a dado between the outside pegs holes so the "line" would have circles at each end but that would have required a lot of fitting the ends of the strips to the round peg holes. Maybe I'll intentionally try that on some future project - it'd look nice.

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