(yet another one that started out simple and . . .)

My oldest has gotten into bonsai. Spent a good part of a Sunday with him at my favorite plant nursery which, in addition to having 40 or so types of maples, also has 30 or 40 bonsai and small plants suitable for bonsai -ing. Then we made a trip to Japan Town for some bonsai pots and some bonsai tools. Sushi for a late lunch topped off the bonsai safari.

A week later I found some of my bonsai wire - you wire branches to get them to go the way you want them to go - and stopped by to drop them off for him. He'd gotten a start on his bonsai - but they were on plastic patio chairs since that was the only place to put them.

Today, weeks later, I'll be delivering Tyler's new bonsai stands. Will add some pictures of them with his bonsai on them later.

Here's how these bonsai stands were developedl. As it seems to go with me, things started out simple and straight foreward and then . . .WHY NOT have the stands nest? They should be different heights anyway so why not? This is what I started with.

Here's the basic Quick & Dirty I was going to make - redwood S4S 2x2s for the legs, some ripped down to 1x1s for the bottom stretchers, 3/4" redwood fence boards cut up for the aprons and the top. Loose tenon mortise and tenon joinery and some Z brackets to hold the top on. Functional, strong, light, yet simple - perfect!

Wouldn't stay simple for long though.

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