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AT&T Home DSL Service
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Home DSL Plans for California Residents

Hypersurf DSL service provides always-on Internet access that is well suited for power home users. We offer Home DSL connections with both static and dynamic IP addresses. Most home DSL users only require a dynamic IP address. A dynamic IP address is given out, then renewed a few days later. For most users this is fine and is very typical. A static IP address would be require if you needed to connect to an office VPN. This way your office would always know you are coming from a certain Ip address.

Home DSL service includes around the clock technical support, blazing fast speeds, web based email, spam filtering and so much more. Our tech support is top notch and our goal is to make sure the customer is happy. We want you to tell your friends about our great service.

Check out everything that is included in each of our home DSL packages. Please let us know if you have any questions about our home DSL services, packages or specials. This service requires an AT&T home phone line, we recommend getting a metered home phone line from AT&T. Check out our how to connect dsl page to learn more about how to connect your dsl line.

So give us a call at 877 702-7873 to get started with a home DSL line.

Platinum Home DSL:

Platinum Home DSL service is the ultimate DSL service. It you are a power user, and normally upload and download large files, then this is the service for you. This service is only available to customers who are in close proximity to an ATT central office. Sign up for 1 year contract and get a free modem.

Download Speed: up to 6M
Upload Speed: 768Kbps
Gold Home DSL:

Gold Home DSL service is perfect for the power user in your household. Supports large file transfers. Good for online gaming. This is an "always-on" connection, so no more dialing up to surf the web. Sign up for 1 year contract and get a free modem.

Download Speed: up to 3M
Upload Speed: 512Kbps
Silver Home DSL:

Silver Home DSL service is perfect for more aggressive surfing and emailing. Supports larger downloading of files. This is an "always-on" connection, so no more dialing up to surf the web. Its our most basic service for occasional internet users.In most cases this service can be upgraded to next level. Sign up for 1 year contract and get a free modem.

Download Speed: up to 1.5Mbps
Upload Speed: 384Kbps
Features what is thisAddons to the Dynamic DSL Packages
Modem and Self Installation Green Arrow Free
Spam Filtering Green Arrow Free
Web Based Email Green Arrow Free
Tech Support Green Arrow Free
Personal Web Hosting Space Green Arrow Free


Add-ons what is thisAdd-ons to the Dynamic DSL Packages
Static IP(one) 1 $10/monthly
Static IP(block of 4) 4 $20/monthly
Static IP(block of 8) 8 $30/monthly
Web Hosting(Your own Domain) 250MB Disk Space $5/monthly
* Intro pricing for NEW customers only with signed 1 yr contract Free Modem and Installation
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