Illustration Created by Combining Traditional and Digital Techniques

Golden Gate Bridge Art

This design for a Christmas card for Aonix was
created on the Mac using pieces of scanned in
watercolors for the water and the bridge texture.

Molded clay and real flowers scanned in and combined
with a watercolor of impatiens.


The flower and frog were each created separately
with pastels and modified in Photoshop.
Then the frog was added to the flower image.

Images from two pastel drawings are combined in Photoshop


This pastel drawing was enhanced in Photoshop
and unusual effects were used to create the unique frame.

Originally a pastel drawing,this image was radically
changed in Photoshop. Adjustments included moving
the eyes and enlarging the foot.

An old photo was colorized in Photoshop.

Each face was a separate pastel image, then they
were combined and manipulated in Photoshop.

This painting is a combination of two watercolors
scanned and blended in Photoshop.

Watercolor of impatiens combined with
another watercolor.

Here a traditional watercolor was modified in Photoshop.



One apple was added to this watercolor in Photoshop.