Illustration Created on the Computer

Collage created in Photoshop by painting over
a photo and simple clipart


Collage created in Photoshop with
photos and pastel drawings

Collage of photos, some painted in Photoshop

A pastel type drawing created in Photoshop


A logo created in Illustrator
which includes textures scanned in Photoshop


Created in Illustrator and imported into Photoshop

Collage made from scanned items turned into art

Scanned paint brushes, painted in Photoshop

Art created in Photoshop from a Polaroid
shot of my computer

The computer photo handled differently

CD cover created from scanned sand and combinations
of photos

Design for CD cover created from scanned mold
and paint residue


Drawn in Illustrator using the pen tool

Painted over a scanned photo in Photoshop

Neon window designed in Illustrator