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Wall Cabinets behind Miter Saw Station

The wall hanging tool cabinets were made to utilize my limited shop space more efficiently. Wall space is at a premium so these cabinets almost double the wall space they occupy AND the doors keep sawdust off the tools inside - sometimes.

The cabinet carcasses are Ash with Poplar door panels. The joints are half blind dovetails made with the JoinTech Cabinet Maker System. The doors are attached with long piano hinges since they hold a bit of weight. The finish is Teak Oil on the ash and O'Deen's Super Blonde Shellac on the poplar panels.

This is the right wall hanging tool cabinet. It took maybe six months or more to finally get it finished - lots of cogitating on what module to make next, what should go where etc.. Hell I procrastiated for weeks avoiding putting the long piano hinges on this thing.

I know, I know, the right door sagged. One of these days I'll fix it.

Drawers, Saw Sheath and Clamp Tray Out in front

The drawers just below the cabinet fit in front of the metal plane resting on its side. Below them and to the left are two small half blind dovetailed drawers that go above the small metal plane just left of center in the top portion of the cabinet. The open "box" to the right of the small drawers holds awls and nail sets inside and three marking knives in a knife block on the front of the "box". It fits in the open area in the lower right corner of the cabinet. In the foreground is a tray with spring clamps that fits in front of the wooden jointer plane at the bottom of the cabinet.

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