Haven't convinced you to try making a turned lidded box yet? Well here's another pine piece - and a redwood piece for good measure.

These are the latest Turned Lidded Boxes. Finish is a good slopping of Mahoney's Walnut Oil. Still need to finish up the lid of the pine "box" and do some work on the base of the finial on the redwood piece - looks like a "stuck it on" rather than an integral part of the piece. When that's done I'll part off the tenon and finish off the bottom of the Bottom of the redwood piece.

The redwood piece, with just an oil finish, is nice to look at - but begs to be touched and held. Unlike cold glass or ceramic, or wood with a perfectly smooth glass like finish, it feels "woody" - vaguely like velvet - very sensuos and almost warm - a joy to your tactile sense.

Now are you going to have a go at making a turned lidded box? It doesn't matter if the walls aren't paper thin, the shape not exactly right. That'll start coming on your third, fourth or fifth piece as your confidence and skills improve with use. If I can do it - SO CAN YOU! Try it! You'll like it!

Need more motivation? Imagine a BUNCH OF BOXES!

The one in the middle has a surprise inside ---->

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