Hexacons are interesting to play with. As the name implies, the cross section of a Hexicon has SIX SIDES - of equal length.

To turn a Hexacon successfully you need an understanding of a few critical concepts about them.

Here are the basic concepts.

You've probably seen the Pentacon page. When you get to SIX sides, HEXACONs, things can get quite interesting, You can keep it simple, or make it a bit more complicated. Click on the image of any of these examples for more details and get to their downloadable SketchUp files.

The simple Hexacon

And if you add a cove on each face it gets more interesting, but a little tricker to turn - successfuly.

If you add TWO coves it gets even more interesting and even tricker to turn.

Instead of just coves, you could turn beads or Vs instead - or any combination.

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