The "Houston , , , we have a problem" connection to the Apollo Program prompted investigating the idea of making the "lidded box" look more like the iconic Apollo space capsule and THAT introduced another inspirational avenue to check out.

A few changes to the original CAD drawing and I settled on this more space capsulesque shape and proportions and a "finial" that is a bit more disturbing than a more traditional finial.

Now I needed to thinkabout the LOOK.

Having seen countless TV broadcasts that showed Apollo launches, flights, splashdowns and recoveries, I realized that a space capsules had a range of appearances

- pre-launch, all neat and tidy
- launch, with paint flaking off from the vibration from the massive rocket engines
- space flight, missing some paint and hurdling through space at 17,000 + mph
- re-entry, with the bottom of the capsule's heat shield glowing red to white hot
- splash down, the capsule sooted up and the heat shield charred and crakced
- recovery, this amazing protective container with one or more astronauts safely inside
- museum display, tilted at an angle, evidence of its flight into space clearly visible.

THIS got me thinking not only about the LOOK of each of the capsule's modes, but also the BEHAVIOR of each of the capsule's modes. BEHAVIOR is one of the things micro controllers and electronic components bring to the creative pallet. I've got the visible spectrum of light, a range of sounds as well asmovement available to play with.

Here are ideas for two of the capsule's modes fleshed out a bit.

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