In my quest to have ACTUAL movement in a turning, some part of my brain keeps a look out for things that might make movement possible. So, while at Radio Shack, my Motion Potential Alarm went off - alerting me to THIS.

When you turn this little critter on - it scurries off, crablike - for about 3 seconds then stops. After 15 to 45 seconds of sitting still it scurries off again - sometimes in the direction it had been traveling, sometime in the opposite direction and sometimes begins turning left. After two or three scurry-stop-scurry cycles it stays stopped - until it "hears" a noise or senses a "vibration" - a hand clap or a tap on the table - sets it scurrying off again.

The wheels in my head started turning - to ideas for incorporating this thing in a turning - out of sight of course.

Imagine a plain semi-hollow form sitting on a pedestal with a slight lip around its top. As you touch it to pick it up - it scurries away from you!

You turn to show a friend this thing - saying - "Check this out. It moves!" By the time you've got that person's attention - the piece is just sitting there - not moving. As your friend turns away, mumbling something like "He's losing his marbles." you stamp your foot - instisting "It MOVED!" - and it does it AGAIN - scurrying again - but this time turning left.

"LOOK! It moved again!" Of course, as you say those words - it stops.

Your friend is now dialing 911 - to report someone (he or she is not going to admit that he or she knows you) having some sort of pyschotic attack - in the store ( or gallery).