Pay It Foreward List as of 8 am Friday, August 6, 2011
Name Preferred Size Needed?
1 John Veerkamp YES
2 Carol Reed 12x12x 5 1/2 no
3 Don Leydens bigger but any is fine no
4 Royce Wallace closed, semi closed forms, bowls boxes etc. no
5 Bill Noce no
6a Bill Blasic no
6b Starry Chan no
7 Matt Overton no
8 Dick Strauss 6x6x4 or bigger no
9 Ralph E Watts 4" Diam x 6o 8 2x2x3 min no
10 Don Orr 3-4" finished vesserl no
11 dick gerard big as possible or 3x3xmax no
12 George Guadiane no
13 greg haugen tentativley withrew YES
14 Adrian Dumitrescu 6x6 x ? no
15 keith zimmerman 10x10x4 5x5x8 no
16 bernie feinerman 3x3xlong as possible no
17 Joe Bradshaw any size no
18 Rob Wallace  any bowl size no
19 steven antonucci Hollow Form any size no
20 Randy Gleckler Wave bowls, vessels no
21 Jason Silva gnarlier the better no
22 Tony Wheeler platter, bowl, HF no
23 Barbara Dill anything no
24 Doug Trembath 6x6x6 no
25 Ellis Walentine no
26 Donna Banfield 3x3x3 and up no
27 Bill Turpin christmas ornament up no
28 Ray Thompson christmas ornaments & icicles no
29 Richard Egan 3x3x3 or larger YES
30 Tim Aley small box size no
31a Jake Niedling ornaments, boxes, small bowl no
32 Jim Swank 6X6X2 bowl 1.5 sqx3 m 3/4x5 stopper no
33 Clifton Chisum boxes small hf no
34 David DeCristoforo 4x4x8-10 amphora no
35 Mike Foydel no
36 Bob Verne 5x5x8 or 5x5x5 no
37 Terry Quiram 3x5, 4x5 1x3+ no
38 Jerry Louden no
39 Ricc Havens bowl6x6 or 3x3x10 no
40 Chuck Jones no
41 John Altberg 10x10x5 boxes pens bottle stopper no
42 Jorge Castaneda Vases-small end natural edge no
43 Mark Mandell 20-30" swing but whatever OK no
31b Gary Guenther any size no
44 Anfi Wolfe any carvable piece no
45 Molly Winton 5x5x8 peferably end grain no