You received your wood, hopefully reimbursed the shipping cost, have turned a nice piece or several pieces out of it and have or will make a contribution to some organization that helps people who need some help. Now what?

Ellis Walentine, host of Wood Central , and a participant in this thing, has offered to create a gallery of pieces from this Pay It Forward Project and put it up on the Wood Central web site. Here are his instructions for having your piece(s) included in this special gallery:

Pay It Forward Project: Photo Gallery Submission Instructions

Ellis, being the masochist that he is, has volunteered to put together a Pay It Forward Project photo gallery of pieces participants created from parts of the original six old growth redwood root burl slabs. The following are the instructions for participating in the Pay It Forward Project Photo Gallery that will reside on WoodCentral.

In order to keep Ellis from going crazier than he already is,

1. Images of up to THREE pieces may be contributed

2. Up to THREE images of each piece may be contributed

3. Plain Text descriptions of each piece should accompany the images
(up to 1,000 characters MAX - that’s about 200-250 “words”)
The plain text description should include your name, title of the piece,
the diameter and height of the piece in inches, the finish used and some
idea of where the idea for the piece came from or anything else you
want to say about the piece(s).

4. E-mail your text and images to:


Use “Pay It Forward Project - Photo Gallery
as the subject or title of the message so Ellis can pick them out
from all the OTHER e-mail he gets daily.

Details for the images:

- images should be taken at “gallery quality”
ie. of the highest quality and initially at the highest resolution your
camera has

- image size should be 1200 "or so" pixels for the longest dimension
- image file should be saved as either .jpeg, .jpg, .png or photoshop
native file format

- each image file should be kept to about 1Meg files size

- image file name must be NAMEnL

where NAME = your last name
n = the image number
L = the letter a, b or c IF you provide more than
one image of a single piece


Please, please, please follow the above instructions - for Ellis's sake. And if you have any questions about them e-mail me.

A fellow member of our turning club, Silicon Valley Woodturners, is thinking about submitting a proposed article on the Pay It Foreward Project to Betty Scarpino, editor of AAW's American Woodturner magazine.

That's it - at least for now . . .

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