If you're on The List, but haven't gotten your wood yet there are two currently known reasons

1. The Post Office returned your box with an RTS (Return To Sender) label on it. The reason for the RTS was

- I blew your ZIP CODE or misspelled a street name.

- the ZIP Code on MY return address was wrong (some Post Offices are apparently sticklers for details.

2. You got on THE LIST after all the earlier list folks boxes were sent (Joe) - or you tentatively dropped out due to scheduling conflicts (Greg) - and I talked you into getting back into the project. - or you accepted my invitation to participate after the boxes were sent (Keith)

So far two boxes have come back with an RTS sticker on them. I'm going to wait a week to see how many more come back with RTS stickers before correcting the error(s) and resending the boxes.

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