The E-Mail List (as of 8-20-2011

I'm TRYING to put together an e-mail list of participants that I can use to keep you all semi up to date on the Pay It Foreward Project. The only way I know of verifying that YOU get mailing list e-mail from me is if you hit REPLY after you've opened a Sent To All e-mail messages from me. I'll keep updating this list as I keep trying to use the e-mail list.

If you didn't get get the "Pay It Foreward - 5th attempt @ mailing list - PLEASE REPLY"
Mailing Test Mailing Test
List message #5 List message #5
Name Confrimed Confirmed Confrimed Confirmed
Adrian Dumitrescu 23-Aug Jim Swank 24-Aug
Anfi Wolfe 23-Aug
Barbara Dill Joe Bradshaw 17-Aug
bernie feinerman 24-Aug Joe Dickason 23-Aug
Bill Blasic 23-Aug John Altberg 23-Aug
John Veerkamp 17-Aug
Bill Noce Jorge Castaneda 23-Aug
Bill Turpin 17-Aug
Bob Verne 23-Aug Keith Tompkins
Carol Reed keith zimmerman 23-Aug
Chuck Jones 23-Aug Mark Mandell
Matt Overton
Clifton Chisum Mike Foydel
David DeCristoforo 17-Aug
dick gerard 23-Aug Molly Winton 23-Aug
Dick Strauss 24-Aug Ralph E Watts
Don Leydens 24-Aug Randy Gleckler 17-Aug 23-Aug
Ray Thompson 17-Aug 23-Aug
Don Orr 17-Aug 23-Aug Ricc Havens 23-Aug
Donna Banfield 24-Aug
Doug Trembath 17-Aug 24-Aug Richard Egan 23-Aug
Ellis Walentine Rob Wallace
Gary Guenther 23-Aug Royce Wallace
Starry Chan
George Guadiane 17-Aug 23-Aug steven antonucci
greg haugen
Jake Niedling Terry Quiram 17-Aug 23-Aug
Jason Silva Tim Aley 23-Aug
Jerry Louden 17-Aug Tony Wheeler

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