Most of the tedious grunt work is done - the hollowing of the Outer Tube to 2 Plus inches I.D., the turning down the PVC End Cap's O.D. to fit inside the wooden tube and the turning down of the PVC Reducer to fit inside the 1 1/2" Schedule 40 white PVC pipe that's the Inner Tube.

Now "all" I need to do is
a) turn a pair of wooden turned End Caps
b) epoxy the threaded PVC plug into one of the wooden End Caps
c) turn some "finials" for the ends of the Outer Tube
d) make and finish a stand for this thing
e) make another Inner Tube - this one with either bells or "twangers" inside
f) glue things together that need to stay together - without glueing things together that need to come apart ( I've been known to make THAT mistake - once in a while)
g) figure out what I need to do to take what will no doubt appear as a pipe bomb in the airport security's X-ray machine on the plane (THAT ones going to be tricky as hell) for my flight to my High School Reunion

Figure all that will take about a week at the rate things seem to go - for me. And if I find I can't take this thing on my flight, I'll have about a week to ship it to my hotel.

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