Since this piece wants to roll around if unconstrained it needed a simple stand. And I TRIED to make a simple stand - I really did - forks to hold the end of the stick - stuck on a board as long or longer than the Rain Stick. But when you turn wood, straight lines and sharp corners just look wrong. So the base board got it's bottom edges chamfered to provide some visual lift up off a table top or shelf - and the upper edges got a 1/8" roundover just to soften them. The upright "forks" also got a curve added to their sides

Made a small but significant error when cutting the mortises in the base for the uprights. The uprights came up a bit too close - too snug. That would have worked - but you'd need TWO hands to remove the Rain Stick from it's support base.Didn't need much "adjusting" so a little careful sanding on an oscillating belt sander (a Ridgid) and THAT problem was solved.

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