This multi-axis turning thing is VERY DIFFERENT from single axis turning.

You're always turning in or immediately next to "shadow areas" which means

1. you can't see ALL the affects of what you're doing at any given moment

2. because areas adjacent to where you're working are "shadows" your normal method for cutting beads, coves, etc., may cause the end away from where the cutting edges is cutting to catch or take out something you wanted to keep

3. "blending" a shape turned on one axis to another shape turned on a different axis can be an exercise in futility - or a pleasant surprise

And if you go with intersecting arcs rather than turning to a circular cross section

1. you have to deal with edges where arcs intersect which means

a) the edge location is a function of TWO cuts made on TWO axis so to move an edge 1/8th inch, have to remove 1/16th inch on each of the two arcs

b) it's tricky to create a straight edge where the two arcs intersect because even a minor miscut
....(too deep or too shallow) - on either arc cut - is obvious

Then, if you introduce a quarter twist by placing the centers on one end of the blank 90 degrees relative to the other end -

2. you have all the fun and games of (1) above - compounded because the edge created by the intersecting arcs is twisted. This requires some interesting mental gymnaistics - with the accompanying risk of "pulling something" - and there ain't no brain chiropractors though a warm compress, applied to the forehead (or in my case a 6 or 7 head) does help with brain cramps.

Here are some examples of just some of the options of multi-axis turning - mainly with intersecting arcs with and without a twist.

And this will give you an idea of how each was done.

Now if you want to have a go at turning some of what you see in the photo the following should help. Figure on making a dozen or so 3/4 x 3/4 x 5" blanks and if you're methodical you'll have one or two of three of the three of the shapes shown below.

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