Round things tend to roll. Laser engravers require that the piece to be lasered remain at a fixed location on the Laser Support Table. And if you want to laser multiple designs symetrically around your turning - being able to rotate your piece in specific increments. A scroll chuck is great for holding a turning, and an indexing wheel makes doing things around your piece symetrically.

So - if you can come up with something your scroll chuck can thread onto - and stick an indexing wheel on it . . .

Oh - and being able to tilt your piece - that'd be a handy thing to have as well.

A little ply, a length of 1" AllThread, three or four 1" nuts will get you a way to hold your scroll chuck. Add some hinges and you can tilt your chuck - and keep it tilted. Slip an indexing wheel on the other end of the AllThread and lock it down - and now you can "index" your piece.

Here's the one I made. I've added another "locking tilt thing" since I took this picture.

With this thing you can tilt your piece either way - to get the area you want to laser horizontal. Handy jig to have if you want to laser turnings.

One of our turning club members used the Epilog laser to cut out these parts from 1/4" lexan. But you can use a Store Bought Indexing Wheel.