Woodworking tools and accessories tend to escape at every opportunity - now you see them - now you don't. And they often have a suicidal tendency to leap off surfaces - on to concrete floors - then limp away to die - under something big and heavy - succumbing next to something that bites, stings, stinks - or all three - with an attitude!

BUT - if you make them a nice home. and make sure they get home safely - they calm right down - and typically behave really well when you need to use them.

Here's my solution to where to put all this stuff when the MiniMonster isn't mounted on the lathe. Slips over the back of the lathe bench - out of the way - but easy to get to. Also makes it easier to transport and sits flat and stabile when off the lathe bench.

Made it out of 1/2"ply, a little 1/4" ply scarps and some 1/4" and 7/8" dowels. Oh - and there's a rubber band - this thing wants to open up and swing all over hell if you don't tie it down.

More to come

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