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e-mail from Al Crandall

Hi Charlie. sorry that our web site is still non-existant, but the Kobra systems are available for purchase or order.  We have a backlog of orders on the red
Kobra, but are filling them as fast as we can. You happened to pick the green mini Kobra to showcase on your website, but there is a Red Kobra which fits
lathes from 16" to 26" swing and it is also shown on the CICAAW site. The red one is being demo'ed on our club's 16" Jet, but we have used the daylights out of
it on both 20 and 24" Powermatics. The mini you are showing is attached to the club's Jet mini lathe, so you might want to consider it as well when you think of
hollowing systems for your mini. The green unit fits lathes of10", 12", or 14" swing. Details and pricing can be found by emailing Ray Thompson at . Thanks for your time.

Ray Thompson sent me this about the "Green" Kobra Jr.