When your Muse comes to your rescue during an Inspiration Block - her original idea keeps expanding while you're working on Inspiration: Part One. There will be refinements and addendums and you should listen. "There should be sesame seeds on top of that bun. Where's the bacon? And the burger needs a white paper plate. Fried onions rings on the side would be nice too. Oh, and don't forget a toothpick!"

Wait a minute. Deep friend onion rings? Sure - turn some more rings, a little spray adhesive, a quick dive into wood shavings, a little garnet shellac , , ,

OK. OK. OK. OK. But a toothpick?! Come on. It'd have to be close to 4" long - and about 0.06" in diameter!

But it WOULD hold all the parts together!

When I was playing with Spires and Spinarettes I came up with a way of turning long and thin - using a 1/16th inch parting type tool made from an old bayonet saw blade. Hadn't turned anything thin this long before - but I bet it could work - and did - from a poplar dowel.

Once again - all the parts. Actually I've still got another strip of bacon to do . . . BTW - those are real sesame seeds - a little artistic license.

And here's the full order - assembled.

Did I mention that this is just the first of the Belden Wood Grilled Burger's ( I want to call it Turn-A-Burger or Burgers Done To A Turn) menu items?

Wood Shavings Curly Fries

Shellac Shakes

Veneer Salad with Grated Wood Chips "Cheese"

Maple Pancakes
(she also wants maple waffles but I think I've talked her out of THAT one)
Canary Wood French Fries ( did I mention that you should NEVER let a kid know about your secret stash of unusual woods? She's already suggested that I redo the hamburger bun using birdseye maple since it looks like it has sesame seeds right in it.)

Whittled Roll

Steve A. over in WoodCentral suggested doing stripes on the shake cup - and straw, with a "pop lid" top to make it a turned lidded box. I haven't tried segmented turning or inlay work yet. Maybe this will be the project to test the waters.

And here's The Muse / Wild Hare Projects Generator- as a Car Hop at Belden Burgers..

If you ever have trouble coming up with an idea for a turning - find a kid.

ps - DO NOT let kids have access to your stash of really nice wood. They can be VERY persuasive and WILL resort to the "quivering lower lip, sad eyes and quivering voice". When all else fails - single tear ; )

pss - after I take this piece to our turning club monthly meeting for show and tell, one of my dontsits (similar to "dEntist" but more expensive) wants to show it to an artist friend, with her own gallery, up in wine country. The Muse will get 10% of the profits from the sale of any of the Belden Burgers Series of course.

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