Told you the Padouk plugs aren't going to even be noticed. Now do you see them?

NOW do you see the Padouk plugs

Here's the conflict between the piano hinged debris chute and a shelf under the bench top.

Now "all I have to do" is
-work out a shelf for under the bench top
-that won't prevent the piano hinged debris chute from being swung up enough
-to make it possible to get to the rear leg levelers
-and anything else that may find its way under this Not So LIght lathe bench
(remember the 50 pounds of lead shot?)

Also have to decide if I'm going to garnet the outside white baltic birch or just poly it - and leave the contrast.
THEN I'll work out where I want the lights and what kind of generic polycarbonate plastic I'm going to use to contain chips and debris - along with how to afix same to the bench carcase.

While this thing's still on my workbench, I have to remember to glue some 80 grit to the bottom of the leg leveler feet for traction - the shop floor is epoxy painted concrete.

Oh, I'm going to put the Tormek on a shelf hung off the left side of the bench

AND - since this is just to the right of a 4" duct port, I should work out a way to catch the fine sawdust generated when sanding a turned piece nice a smooth.

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