Lag bolted the beech riser blocks to the bench top, then the lathe to the riser blocks just to see what the lathe would look like on the bench top. Then I removed the lathe and put the bench top into its base, tightened the tension nuts on the All Thread to pull the sides tight to the ends of the bench top. Got the rear "lip" onto the back edge of the bench and tightened up the male thread knobs. Bolted the lathe onto the riser blocks for the last time and put the tools holder / case to the right where all the gouges and chisels will be nice and handy.

(If you'd like to see more about the chisels & gouge case - click here)

Going to have to move the wood storage shelf above this thing up a few clicks - and still have the side debris containment plex to get, cut and figure out how install so I can get in from the left end of the bench for hollow work. The Tormek shelf for the left side will have to wait. Haven't found the goose neck lights yet, but not for want of searching for them. Also need to cut back the 1" MDF from in front of the bench. The rest will stay - the 1100 pound Robland X31 combination machine is sitting on it.

Had to do one last shot of this before playing with a piece of green cherry branch and generating some curlies. Things really do seem to work better and easier when they have their own custom home.

Probably should add an opens outward flap between the legs to discourage tools from hiding under the bench and debris as well.

A lathe bench, a gouge and chisels case/stand - we're done right?

WRONG! That takes care of the thing that'll spin the wood and the things that'll remove the wood. What about the things that'll hold the wood while spinning? And what about the things to measure the wood? Where are all the "accessories" going to go?

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