(in most cases)

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome in the journey to unlearn how to NOT be creative is


Once again, how we were taught to learn probably has a lot to do with our fear of failure. What kid doesn't think his parents will kill him or her if he or she comes home with a Report Card that has one or more Fs?

Think about it. None of the other "letter grades" have any direct link to a word which represents a level of achievement, or lack of achievement - except - F - as in - F A I L U R E!!!!!!!

But not succeeding is not the same a failing.

When Thomas Edison was asked by a reporter "How do you feel about the hundreds of failures you've had in your attempt to develop an incandescent light bulb?"

To which Edison replied - "We haven't failed at all - since we now know several hundred ways to NOT make an incandescent light bulb."

It's a Glass Half Full / Glass Half Empty thing. If you have a Wild Hare idea, try and use it, and things don't work out the way you hoped they might - somewhere along the way a possibility for something completely different may pop up - to be used - successfully - on some future idea. Sometimes we can learn the most from our failures.

Oh - and if you think about "failure" - with very few exceptions - it ain't FATAL.

Even when an idea doesn't pan out - you learned something - even if it's just What Not To Do - in this SPECIFIC application.

Honest - trying something new - won't kill you! OK so eating certain mushrooms might. And jumping out of a perfectly good airplane - which isn't about to crash - may have a higher risk of fatality than walking out to the shop and chucking up a chunk of wood to turn. But . . .

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