Want some more things to think about which might help you get over / under/ around the I'm Just Not Very Creative hurdle / moat / wall? Here are some more ways to try - contributed by participants of the usenet newsgroup rec.crafts.woodturning

From Legend65 response to an earlier post


> Periodically, in threads here and in other forums, the idea "I'm just
> not very creative." gets included.

I got that the other day in the wreck in response to some recent
work. "I'd have never thought to do *that*." When actually "that"
wasn't something I sat down and planned to do. I had the materials to
work with and it seemed like I had two options, but wasn't happy with
either one of them. So I stopped and considered what that led me to
only having two bad options, namely the assumption that I must fit a
perfect rectangle inside this board. Now I had a third option, a
rectangle with one corner clipped off. And that choice led me to make
other choices along the way.

1) Challenge assumptions: Recognize when you're making assumptions
and challenge them.

2) Part of the process: You don't have to see the entire result at
the beginning. One small thing can take you to a different place, if
you are willing to take the first step. Don't let fear of having it
not turn out right stop you.

3) Limitations are opportunities: So you don't have the right tool to
do what you want to do. Now you have the chance to try to come up
with another way of doing it that gets you there in a different way.
Then maybe along the way you discover a way to diverge from that path
to something new.