Why Turn In Circles? Arcs Are Interesing Too!

"Lathes make things round. That's what lathes do - right?"

Well - that's ONE of the things lathes CAN do.

But who says you have to keep turning until you reach round?

And who says you have to turn the whole piece - on just one axis?

WHAT IF - you turned on two pairs of centers - and only turn part of a circle (an arc) using each pair of centers.

Trouble visualizing that? Maybe this will help.

Diagrams don't do it for you? How about some pictures - of actuall multi-center turned pieces?

These are done Between Centers. Use a chuck and all kinds of possibilities open up. Maybe a three sided lidded box for example?

Doug Fisher does some pretty interesting things using multiple centers.|

Want to see more on Multi-Center / Eccentric Turning? Click HERE (close that window when you're done to get back here)

Want to see what a master turner can do with ideas like this? Google "Escoulen".

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